Can I change the order address ?

If your orders from the marketplaces are not in the shipping process, you can make the change by using the address section of your membership information on the relevant marketplace site. If your order has been shipped, we recommend that you track your products with your cargo tracking number and contact the relevant cargo company to take action. For detailed information, you can contact us at [email protected]. Note: It is very important to confirm and control your address information during the ordering process.

Can my Billing and Delivery addresses be different?

Yes, in such a request, we kindly ask you to make the necessary entries in the relevant address tab at the order stage.

How much is the shipping fee?

Unless there is a contrary situation, we send your products to you through the contracted companies that we have made with the marketplace sites. During the ordering stage, the cargo information is given to you in the relevant order section.

How much is the shipping fee?

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Through which company will my cargo be sent?

We make the most suitable shipping fee agreements for you with the marketplaces. You do not pay any extra fee for the shipments we have made with the contracted cargo companies for our products that include cargo at the order stage. We would like to emphasize that you refuse the extra fees requested from you. You will see the best prices on your order screen for the products you buy with an additional shipping fee.

How can I track the cargo ?

Delivering your orders to you without waiting is one of the priorities of the Zone.

If you place an order through the marketplaces (N11, etc.), you can track the status of your product from the cargo tracking sections of the membership section of the relevant sites. We will inform you via [email protected] for your orders placed on site. You will be able to follow the instant movements of your product via this cargo tracking link.

The cargo company brought my product, what should I do ?

Since the cargo company is racing against time, it wants to deliver the product and leave immediately, but there is a sensitive issue. The cargo form should not be signed before you receive your cargo package. Before signing the shipping report, please check whether the box of your product is damaged due to transportation. If there is any damage in the box for any reason, please return your box to the cargo officer without signing any documents related to the delivery. Your new products will be sent by us immediately. is not responsible for the damage or deficiency of the products in the case of receiving the products with damaged boxes.

If your cargo reaches you, we kindly ask you to follow the instructions below.
1) When you receive your product from the cargo company, make sure that it is not visually dented, broken, torn or the box is damaged.
2) If there is a deformation in the security tapes of your product, return it to the cargo company with a report.
3) If there is an unusual weight deviation or shaking sound in your product, return it by keeping a report to the cargo company.

Zone guarantees to deliver your products in their original boxes, with unopened security tapes, as they came from the manufacturer. Zone sends its own security tape to you without damaging the product box by packing air bubbles, vibration and damage absorbing on the boxes of the original products. We would like to warn you as a priority for any situation that may arise from third parties.

For Zone, customer satisfaction is above all else.


What are the payment and installment options?

Zone has signed various partnership agreements with marketplaces. In accordance with these agreements, we try to offer you the best payment options. You will be able to find options such as a bank, installment and commission rates, money transfer, EFT (electronic fund transfer), payment at the door, shopping credit, which we offer for you from various banks on the relevant screens during the ordering phase.


When can I get a refund for the product I returned?

For the return entries you have made with the contracted marketplaces, the return procedures on the relevant website are valid. Zone marketplaces do not have any privilege or authority over the return procedures. Zone shows the necessary care and effort to develop the situation in favor of our customers in return cases.



I lost my invoice, how can I get it again?

In case you lose your invoice, you can access your invoice by using the order details and display’s my invoice option under the membership segment on the marketplace site where you shop. As a different option, you can e-mail us regarding your request via



How secure is the 3D checkout step?

In the 3D Secure system, during the virtual payment transaction, the bank asks the cardholder for the payment password known only to him, and the identity of the cardholder is verified. It prevents unauthorized persons from using their cards on the internet.

What are the possible out-of-warranty situations? What should I pay attention to?

We would like to bring to the attention of our valued customers, by compiling some faults that cause many technological products that we sell to be out of warranty.

Improper packaging, Cracks and breaks in the product, Playing or missing screws on the product, Removing the label on the product,
Any dents, dents, scratch, Malfunctions occurring during unhealthy transportation, Playing with electronic parts, changing them, Burnt and sooty chips, Damage to any part of the product, Reverse insertion, breakage, or damage to the connecting cables, Changing the serial number, being unreadable, Painting or staining any part of the product,
Attaching a non-removable label to the product or the remnants of the removed label, Damages caused by natural disasters (force majeure)
Extreme heat, freezing, humidity, dust, All kinds of problems caused by viruses, All faults arising from electrical networks, Changing or deleting the software installed on the devices outside the authorized service, Incorrect BIOS or Firmware installation on the product,
Liquid entering the product, The intervention of the product other than authorized service, In such cases, the product will be treated out of warranty.

Return conditions for Special Products

The protection tape in the product box should not be opened. The protection tape on the screen should not be removed, and it should not be scratched, damaged, etc. should not be. Phone, camera, notebook, PlayStation, printer, and scanner phone returns with opened product boxes are made following the service report.

All standard accessories must be sent undamaged and in full original packaging.


What are the general return conditions?

The return period is 15 days from the date you receive it.
Returns must be made with the original box or packaging.

The return of products whose original box/packaging has been damaged (for example products with a shipping label attached on the original box and products taped with a cargo parcel tape are not accepted) that have lost their resale ability feature and that cannot be purchased by another customer is not accepted.

You must send a petition including the original invoice (all copies you have) and the reason for the return, along with the product you want to return.

For products that may have incompatibility problems in product selection, you should definitely order by receiving technical support for compatibility.
When the original packaging of this type of product is opened, it is not possible to return it. (Ex: memory cards, printer consumables, computer hardware, and software products)

In the return of other Products

Products that cannot be returned due to their quality, water treatment devices (products that may pose a health hazard after opening, except in cases where the product is defective or defective, For example, Products that require one-to-one contact with the body during use, in-ear or over-ear headphones, etc.), disposable products It is not possible to return products that can be copied, software and programs that are quickly damaged or expired.

The return of the following products is subject to the condition that the packaging of the product is unopened, intact and the product is unused.

* All kinds of software and programs
* DVD, VCD, CD, and cassettes
* Portable computers
* Computer and stationery consumables, processors, etc. (toner, cartridge, ribbon, etc.)
* Watch, all kinds of cosmetics, personal care, health, and beauty products

How can I cancel my order?

Before the cargo process is completed, you can cancel your order from the My Orders section of your relevant marketplace user tab. For products whose cargo process has been completed, we kindly ask you to follow the relevant marketplace guidelines.


I placed my order, how will the process work?

First of all, we would like to thank you for your order, use your product in good days.

If you have placed your order through the marketplaces, it means that your order has been sent to us automatically. Our cargo hours on weekdays are in 2 parties, morning and evening. As a Zone company principle, we would like to point out that we have a policy to remove every incoming order without waiting. Your orders placed until 11:30 on weekdays are shipped to you with noon shipment. For your orders to be placed after noon, the evening shipment is processed. In cases where the evening shipment passes, your departure is made within the next business day. We would like to state that the process may take longer in extraordinary and force majeure conditions, and in such cases, we will inform you as Zone.

If you have placed your orders through, we would like to point out that your order will appear in our system immediately and will be shipped to you with the cargo process specified above.

Is it safe to order from the Online Marketplace? (N11,, etc.)

You can reach zone products through online marketplace sites. All our systems work in integration with the relevant marketplaces. We guarantee that we do not work with any marketplace portals that could compromise your security. You can safely buy your products from the relevant channels.

My order My is late, what should I do?

Except for extraordinary and force majeure reasons, your cargo will be delivered to you as soon as possible. As Zone, we would like to express our apologies for the delays that may occur with 3rd parties. If you do not receive your cargo outside of the current conditions, we request you to inform us with your order number via [email protected] In this case, the process will run as follows.

1) We will ask you to send us a message via [email protected] with your order number.
2) Zone will examine the relevant cargo processes immediately.
3) The latest status information about the delay of the cargo will be received.
4) Information will be exchanged with the cargo company in order to take quick action in cases such as possible address errors, sending the cargo to a different dispatch area.
5) In case of incorrect information, corrections will be made and follow-up will be made with the cargo companies in order to deliver your products to you as quickly as possible.
6) This whole process will be communicated to you and we will provide continuous feedback.